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Barn Dance Hen Party Ideas

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By Laura Wade

If you are actually fighting to think of ideas to make your night that bit more unforgettable, want something else but do not know where to start, have you considered holding your very own barn dance?

Barn dances are enduringly popular because they are able to incorporate people of all ages, are simple to organize, and are an absolute blast!

The very first thing you're going to need to think about is where you wish to hold it. You are going to need to think about size wants in addition to whether you would like it to be catered, and whether or not you want a bar, but if you're prepared to do the food yourself, and permit folk to bring their own drink, even a village hall will be perfectly acceptable for your wishes!

New Bride in Town Jumbo Star BadgeYou may also must think about who you'd like to lead the dance - there are lots of instructors out there available to hire, but if you want, you could always do it yourself, cutting costs in the mean time... and besides, it may be fun to show everyone what to do!
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Encourage everybody to come in fancy dress - masses of gingham, denim and cowboy hats are an essential - and decorate your location with all the quintessential Western artefacts. Think tumbleweeds, cacti, gingham, picket fences... You could even throw 1 or 2 wagon wheels in there if you're feeling especially creative or know folks with decent props.
When it comes to catering, go for easy, staple American food such as fried chicken, BBQ ribs and chicken wings, jacket potatoes and corn on the cobs. Dead straightforward to prepare but good to fill you up after dancing away all that energy. For pudding, think along the lines of apple pie and ice cream - a traditional favourite, and positively delicious.

Price-wise, holding a barn dance can vary widely depending on whether you decide to hire an instructor, and the sort of venue you decide to use. Except for that, its actually down to you how much you spend, but you can most certainly do things on the cheap if you're prepared to use some imagination.

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